United States of America

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Travel to United States of America

Just visit the U.S once and you will know why so many people choose to visit America each year. From its natural wonders to its exclusive and sometimes amazing culture you will get everything for your wanderlust. The USA is well-known for its iconic landmarks – The Statue of Liberty, Hollywood Sign, and Golden Gate Bridge – but it's also a place of implausible hospitality, wide open spaces and wonderful natural beauty. That's 50 states that give out exceptional holiday experiences and offer infinite choices for every type of traveler. It doesn't matter if you're visiting for the first time or returning for another go, you're certain to depart with lots of memorable moments.

Diving in United States of America

Regardless of what part of the United States you plan to visit, you’ll get a remarkable range of great dives that will keep you coming back for more. From shark-filled North Carolina wrecks to California’s kelp beds, the sheer number and diversity of dive sites in the United States is amazing. Saltwater diving off the Florida Keys near Key Largo is the most simply reachable and famous diving in the United States. Florida's coasts present a salty taste of the warm, clear turquoise waters reminiscent of the Caribbean Sea to the south. California's Pacific Ocean is deep and cold. The Channel Islands off the beautiful city of Santa Barbara offers some of the best kelp forest diving in the Pacific.

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