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Travel to Germany

Germany is a diverse country with lots of attractions! The blend of old world appeal and contemporary metropolitan cities make it a perfect destination for tourists. With a broad range of food, accommodations and drink options, Germany is usually less luxurious to travel to than its other European counterparts. Germany is a nice country that has been at the heart of Europe for centuries. From the exclusive culture shaped from historical influences, wonderful cuisine, and architecture, there is so much to enjoy during a tour to this country. Germany is also a convenient place to visit, as the transport system is modern.

Diving in Germany

While the greater part of German diving focuses on the stunning sunken forests of the Bavarian mountain lakes, Lake Constance and the Baltic Sea (Ostsee) also proffer wonderful dive opportunities. Additionally, there are many scenic lakes and water-filled former quarries and opencast mines spread throughout Germany. That denotes there are hundreds of diving spots - huge and small, shallow and deep, secret and lively recreation areas. The western part of the country offers a range of dams and flooded gravel pits near to the Dutch border. Cave diving is also becoming more and more well-liked as many spots have been found over the past couple years.

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