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Travel to Mexico

Mexico is a country flourishing with distinctive culture and history. As the country in Latin America with the highest amount of tourism, Mexico offers a range of opportunities to discover its ancient historical landmarks or pamper in one of its numerous exclusive resorts right on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico or the Pacific Ocean. Mexico is huge! It’s also varied, thrilling, stunning, and yes, sometimes challenging. All part of why there’s so much on put forward irrespective of what you’re seeking. Whether you want a comforting beach holiday, an exciting city getaway, a cultural interest, a party week, a nature retreat or a foodie shelter, Mexico has it all and more.

Diving in Mexico

Mexico is an easy-to-reach heaven that ranks high on many scuba divers’ wish lists. Between the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Caribbean and a freshwater cave system, it grasps thousands of dive sites to discover, counting everything from shark stumbles upon to pure reefs and manta cleaning stations. Mexico is maybe the best destination in the world for an introduction to cave diving. Cenote Dos Ojos (or Cenote Two Eyes) cave reaches for over 50 miles (80 kilometers) and offers numerous dive paths through its several passages and rooms. Isla Guadalupe is one of the best places to dive with great white sharks.

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