About divers.world

So many websites covering all aspects of diving already exist, do we really need another portal for divers? This and other questions we asked ourselves years ago. That was not the first question. The first question was: Why isn't there a comprehensive website for divers that offers me what I need in one single spot?. So we searched and searched.... The largest pages were either from a magazine publisher or a diving association itself. Many were not multilingual or were unusable for other reasons, such as an extremely disturbing amount of advertising. The only option that was left: DIY. Step by step, we will develop a tool for divers and diving schools. It's not about advertising a magazine or association. It's good for diving. We want to create a tool that helps all divers to dive better.
This portal is for everyone! No matter if you're a leisure diver, beginner, tech diver, instructor, or a diveshop owner. We're all passionate for diving, and divers.world is the one-stop-tool for all needs.
We take data privacy seriously. Seriously. Not only because we have to, but because we want to. We're not interested in scooping up all your data, and we put quite some effort in taking care of protecting the data we have - for instance by encrypting it. Furthermore, you have to explicitly consent to every usage and publication by us of material originating from you. For further reading, please take a look at our dedicated page Data privacy.

About us

Travel Specialists, Diver Masters, Senior Developers and Database Experts
Apart from spending time in our regular jobs, we like to travel the world and look at the countless beautiful dive sites this planet has to offer.
We commit a part of our spare time to create a portal for divers which lives up to our (and your) needs and requirements. Up to now, we were unable to find a portal for divers which incorporates all features deemed useful by us, so we created one: divers.world.