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Travel to Indonesia

Indonesia is a truly hidden gem in the Southeast Asia although it is a massive in size, having over 17,000 islands with 240 million people! You will discover that lots of tourists love coming to Indonesia due to how gorgeous and varied this country is. Famous to numerous as Wonderful Indonesia, it takes you the second biggest tropical forests, several pure beaches with grand dive sites and surfing waves, wonderful hikes to active volcanoes and wildlife. Backpackers can enjoy the adventure of discovering the unbeaten tracks while comfort seekers may get that they do definitely have lots of choices too.

Diving in Indonesia

With one of the longest shorelines in the earth, there are several dive sites to opt from. What’s also great is that Indonesia is a part of the Coral Triangle of the earth. This denotes that this one country has 20% of the world’s coral reefs, resulting in a magnificently varied marine life! In addition to bright and vibrant dives, you will also come across a wide range of experiences. Raja Ampat, in the country’s Far East, is identical in the dive planet with a mountaintop experience. From Bali’s unique Liberty wreck that’s a simple shore dive, the country’s marine treasures brush east and north through the Flores, Banda and Celebes seas.

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